Welcome to Little Furniture Assemblage! L.F.A. is a small, independent brand from Basel, Switzerland that creates jewelery, accessories and objects using artisanal techniques and craftsmanship. We do not follow fashion cycles and we work as a small team of passionate artisans. After all, we believe that good things take time.

Little Furniture Assemblage was founded by Natalya Goldbach in 2019. Through collaboration with various friends and craftspeople, a collective body of work is gradually growing and developing, offering original designs and unique little treasures.

Discover our Brand Values below.


L.F.A.'s mission is to create beautiful, high-quality designs that are made with human hands, mind and soul.

Local Production

Based in Basel, Switzerland, Natalya, the founder of Little Furniture Assemblage, is the creative force behind the brand. In addition to the conceptual work, she is crafting ceramics by hand. For the production of the accessories and jewellery Natalya collaborates closely with two skilled artisans, José and Paco. José, a seasoned and highly experienced tailor, expertly creates our leather goods, while Paco, a young and aspiring goldsmith, not only crafts our jewellery but also engineers various machines essential to our creative process, such as the print press, a customised drilling machine or a self-made oven for melting metals. Together, we meticulously refine each design through months of testing and experimentation, ensuring that every piece is not only of the highest quality but also an original and distinctive work of art.

Repurposed Materials

Our leather comes as dead-stock of the luxury industry from Spain or as offcuts sourced in southern Germany. Depending on the size of the leather, José turns it into a Baguette Bag or produces small leather goods from it.

Paco recycles the silver himself, which he collects from a recycling plant near Basel. Right now we recycle 100% of our silver and some of our brass. As brass poses significant challenges for recycling due to its toxic properties during the melting phase, we can only source brass as offcuts or restmaterial, which is rarely accessible since it's predominantly employed in industrial sectors, notably in screw production.

Responsible Production

We have made the decision to discontinue offering gold or silver plating on L.F.A. designs due to the impact this process has on the environment and the health of individuals involved in its application. Any remaining gold-plated items in stock will not be reproduced once they are sold. Instead, we encourage customers to follow our care instructions to ensure the longevity of your purchased items.

Small quantities

For the production of our signature L.F.A. leather straps, we work with a small family business in Italy that sews just as much leather cord as we provide material. Imagine, most manufacturers require a minimum order quantity of 100 m per colour. So we are very happy to have found this small, quirky, slightly chaotic company.... just like us, Little Furniture Assemblage!

Packaging Materials

Our packaging is crafted from recycled, unbleached grey cardboard, elegantly embossed with our L.F.A. blind print logo. No colors, no plastics, no frills. We've stripped away all unnecessary elements from our packaging, underscoring our dedication to simplicity and the beauty within. For the blind press logo we have ingeniously constructed the press using scrap metal, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and resourcefulness. As for our jewellery, we opt for raw sheep's wool as filling material, harnessing its renewable nature and eliminating the need for commonly used synthetic materials.

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