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Eye-Catcher – Dove Blue

Eyewear Strap

CHF 78.00

The EYE-CATCHER eyewear strap is made of genuine, high-quality Nappa leather and has handmade brass elements that allow you to adjust the eyelets to the width of the glasses frame.

We source the Nappa leather from remaining stocks in southern Germany. The leather straps are sewn in Italy by a small family business. The brass parts are handmade by Paco, our goldsmith in Basel. Whenever possible, we use recycled brass.

Length approx. 90 cm, Diameter: 5 mm

Kindly be aware that we utilize leather from remaining stock, available in limited quantities. As a result, the current color may exhibit slight variations from the one depicted in the pictures. If you have any uncertainties, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This product is assembled by hand in our studio in Basel, Switzerland